Esther von Schoenberg

Soprano and voice coach specializing in holistic vocal training, artistic director, choir conductor, and the visionary behind the smart voice training app for singers Vocalise.

Helping singers find expressive freedom, confidence and joy.

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Workshops in Voice body connection

Customized workshops and lessons for singers and choirs.

Zoom & Umeå, Sweden

Holistic voice training app. Helping singers find expressive freedom and confidence!

Soprano & conductor

Baroque, Lieder, opera & oratorio

Esther von Schoenberg convincingly performs the role of the liberating Amore. Her art of singing has real merits, and her body language is so contagious that one understands the joy that everyone displays, not least Orpheus, after the happy ending.

Bengt Hultman

"Esther is a fantastic teacher who has given me a completely new view of singing. I have discovered the interplay between my voice and my body and developed on every conceivable level. With professionalism, sharpness and humor, she has guided me to a voice I did not think I had. I'm genuinely grateful! "

Josefin Hansdotter-Nyström

"Esther draws attention to the importance of being focused and aware of different parts of the body and how everything is connected (...).The workshop was fun, playful and also very clear. Esther's positive energy is transmitted through the computer screen (…).Great fun and interesting! ”

Jonas Östlund

What They Say

Bengt Hultman

Kicki Sjöstedt

"Esther has a deep and broad understanding of the singing voice and the singer. The clarity in her pedagogical style makes her teaching easily accessible and entertaining. ”

“Soprano Esther von Schoenberg makes a believable portrait of the often misunderstood Amahl with a flexible and expressive soprano voice."



Verksamhetsutvecklare SENSUS

Västerbottens Kuriren 2017

Västerbottens Kuriren 2023

I sung my first opera role when I was 10 years old in the children’s opera Brundibar, it made a lasting impression on me. During high school I combined violin and singing studies. My Russian violin teacher had a big influence on my further music studies with his passionate and organized teaching.

After finishing a Bachelor degree in Humanistic studies (Psychology & Philosophy) I decided it was singing I wanted to do and started studying voice and voice pedagogy with Riekje Bakker at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle the Netherlands.

In 2011, after receiving my bachelor diploma, I continued with the Master of Music program where I studied classical voice with Marjan Kuiper. I focused on opera performance and organizing my own projects trying new things: like singing with Ghetto blasters, combining Romanian and newly written classical music and creating concepts for performances. I received my masters degree in 2013.

I followed masterclasses and had lessons with Barbara Hannigan, Anna Tomowa-Sintow, Miranda van Kralingen, Jard van Nes, Alison Pearce, Barbara Schlick, Cathy Pope and Claudia Friedlander.

I had the pleasure of performing various opera roles such as Fiametta in Boccaccio (F. Suppé), Zerbinetta (parts of) Ariadne auf Naxos (R. Strauss), Olympia in Les Contes d’Hoffmann (Offenbach), Euredice in Retourtje Onderwerld (Monteverdi/Van Bueren), Constance in Les Dialogues des Carmelites (Poulenc), Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors (Menotti), Scintilla in La Contadina (Hasse) and Galatea in Acis and Galatea (Händel). Mostly I perform as a soloist in oratorio and cantatas.


Baroque music takes a big chunk of my repertoire and I truly enjoy singing it. I also have an affection for intimate song repertoire and I’m not afraid to try out newly written compositions. Since 2020 I am the choir leader of the Umeå Barockkör. Also a wonderful way of making music. Teaching, organizing and creating became something I really enjoy. To be able to share what I've learned is a privileged and a school in itself.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of EVONS Creative Voice Solutions AB, I am developing the holistic voice training app Vocalise. The courses in Vocalise combine vocal and physical training specifically designed for singers. An optimal posture, basic fitness, and flexibility is foundational for a well-functioning body.

The goal of the physical program is to be able to take a full breath, relax the shoulders, neck, jaw, and muscles around the larynx. When studying singing, everything becomes easier when the physical capability to sing without unnecessary tensions is already present.

During pregnancy and after giving birth to my second daughter, I suffered from pelvic floor instability. This not only had a tremendous effect on the connection to my body but also on the ability to sing and use my voice. I reconnected with my body and voice through a long journey of regular physical training.

I saw analogies between physical training and vocal training and started to rethink practicing singing from the point of view of sports science.

Like any other athlete, singers use their bodies in a specific way; therefore, physical training for singers should be a part of vocal training.

Together with Umeå University in Sweden and physiotherapists Björn & Ulrika Aasa, I am starting a research project about physical and breathing exercises for singers.

Singing and physical training have the potential to support the rehabilitation of the brain. The programs in the app Vocalise could benefit people who have suffered severe brain injuries, and we are collaborating with the regional brain association Hjärnkraft.

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Teaching Philosophy

Voices are completely intertwined with who we are and with how we express ourselves.

Singing is a full body activity. Voice, body and mind.

I teach classical singing technique with clarity and with the systematical development in mind that you can find in physical training.

I encourage my students to become independent, spark curiosity and teach learning with compassion for the process.

The goal is free expression in the music you love!

In every lesson or workshop there is time for music making and artistry.

MMus in classical singing and vocal pedagogy and a range of certificates in subjects like vocal anatomy and function (Icahn School of Medicine and Vocal Process accredited courses), the science of learning (dr. B. Oakley, Deep Teaching Solutions), BA in Humanistic Studies (University for Humanistic Studies NL), poetry analysis and music history (Utrecht University NL).

Relevant education

Collaboration & Support

EVONS Creative Voice Solutions AB has been part of the business incubator Uminova Innovation since 2023, following successful participation in BIC Factory in 2021 and 2022. We collaborate with THNX Innovation and Umeå University, receiving support through funding from the European Union, Region Västerbotten, and Almi.

"It is a gift for yourself and the world to work on self-expression, the voice is your given instrument. Use it!"

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